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[Video] A big winter event “Corridor of Lights” Enjoy the co-starring of snow and candles!



Warm light from the snowy hometown!

On February 27, the winter tradition of Joetsu City, Niigata Prefecture, “The Corridor of Lights,” was held in six areas, including Yasuzukaku and Urakawara Wards, and many people enjoyed the co-starring of snow and candles.


This year’s “Light Corridor” was reduced in scale by canceling the creation of large snow sculptures and some teahouse services in order to prevent the spread of corona infection.


In the Entairabou district of Yasuzuka-Ward, the annual “Matching Shrine” was created in collaboration with 10 local residents and citizen volunteers.


This year, when it was heavy snow, we didn’t have to worry about lack of snow like last year, and the work went smoothly.

One of the participants said, “There is a lot of pure white snow this year. I want you to enjoy the light in the snow. The number of people is decreasing due to the aging of the population, and it is good to see a cheerful face while the whole (village) does not gather. Everyone is having fun too. “



People who visited the matchmaking shrine prayed, “I came here for the first time, but it’s beautiful!” “I just got married. I hope I can stay for a long time …”.


According to the city, the number of visitors this year was 7,970 (-1250 compared to the previous year).