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    The launch of the “Myoko Historical Culture Hospitality Group” “

How can we save the treasures of this area?
The launch of the “Myoko Historical Culture Hospitality Group” “



Citizen groups working together to create history and culture tours!

“Myoko Historical Culture Hospitality Group ” was launched on the 16th November, in collaboration with citizen groups in Myoko City, Niigata Prefecture. In the future, they plan to create a tour course that connects historical and cultural assets. They hope to encourage tourism all-year-round.


“Myoko Historical Culture Hospitality Group ” was launched by nine citizen groups related to Sekiyama Hozoin temple, Okakura Tenshin, and Sekikawa Sekisho. The purpose of the group is to create a year-round sightseeing course by connecting the historical and cultural assets of Myoko City.


At the opening ceremony held on the 16th November, the contents of the project were explained to the tourists and government officials who attended.

Akira Kawakami, the superintendent of education in Myoko City, said, “We have been waiting for this establishment. As a regional movement, the Agency for Cultural Affairs is also shifting cultural assets from preservation to utilization.  I want you to publicize our cultural heritage with a focus on utilization.  Connecting those resources may be a major role of the “hospitality group””.

The association will start its activities next year by holding five tours for citizens (taking account of coronavirus precautions). After that, the policy is to create tours for domestic and inbound tourists for after the coronavirus pandemic.


Mr. Kawasaki, chairman of the Myoko Historical Culture Hospitality Group said, “I think that travel agencies interested in this society want to organize tours, and ask us for guides.”

“The role of the hospitality group covers various fields such as guides, cooking, and socializing together.  Until now, we have focused on researching each of our interests, but we need to improve our skills to make our services widely known.   I’d like to make an effort to get people interested by using various forms of publicity, such as social media.”