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    Salmon fishing has begun on the Kuwadori River (Joetsu City)

【MOVIE】Late autumn tradition!
Salmon fishing has begun on the Kuwadori River (Joetsu City)



Splashing silver scales represent a gift from an autumn river!

Kuwadori River flows through the Tanihama and Kuwadori districts in the western part of Joetsu City, Niigata Prefecture. Kuwadori River is known as the river where white salmon swim upstream.  Fishing started on November 3rd this year.  Last year was a record poor catch, but this year, big salmon are being caught one after another.Still1105_00002

The catching of salmon exceeded 500 during the two days of November 3rd and 4th, so this was good number to start.  On the 5th, the nets cast by members of the Kuwadori River Fisheries Cooperative caught many big salmon of nearly 80 cm in length. There were often over ten salmon in one net.


The caught salmon will be processed into slices for males.   Many females are sent for egg collection via a hatch.


In the Kuwadori River, more than 8,000 salmon are caught every year.  However, last year it was a record poor catch of about 2,100 salmon.  For that reason, the people involved are relieved to have made a good start this year.

Mr. Tamio Hirai, the union leader, said, “Last year we had a bad catch, but this year the number of salmon is increasing. I think it will go well.  A good year would see salmon numbers of from 10,000 to 12,000”.


In order for salmon to run upriver every year, the water quality of the river must be protected.  The Fisheries Cooperative is continuing activities to plant broadleaf trees in cooperation with local elementary and junior high school students.

Salmon fishing on the Kuwadori River peaks after the 20th of November and is scheduled to continue until early December.


The fishery cooperative has begun selling salmon fillets from this weekend, at the salmon harbor at the mouth of the Kuwadori River.  Sales of salmon roe are scheduled to start in the middle of November.

Click here for a video of salmon fishing ↓ ↓

Kuwadori River Fisheries Cooperative

Tel: 025‐546‐2077
Access: About 10 minutes from the Hokuriku Expressway Nadachi IC

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