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    Horse mackerel, sea bass, warasa …

Latest fishing information around Joetsu
Horse mackerel, sea bass, warasa …



We have the latest fishing information from around Joetsu (early to mid-October).  The information is provided by Hoshino Fishing Tackle Shop

<Inside the harbor, bank, sandy beach>

■ Small horse mackerel   ~ 10 cm  10 ~  300 / person
■ Medium horse mackerel   ~ 25 cm   2 ~ 20/ person
■ Large horse mackerel   ~ 30 cm   17 / person
■ Sphyraenidae   ~ 26 cm   5 / person
■ Sea bass   79 cm / 4.4 kg     1 / person
■ Bigfin reef squid (Aori squid)   maximum size 21 cm (average body length 18 cm)    0 to 6 / person
■ Black sea bream    maximum size 44.6cm / 1,420g

・ Although the number of chilly days has increased, there are many small fish that can be caught, probably because the seawater temperature is still high.
・ The size of horse mackerel now is slightly larger than that of summer horse mackerel.  One person has caught 300 small horse mackerels.  Also, some people have said that they had caught 17 large horse mackerels up to about 30 cm in length in the daytime.
・ On average, the bigfin reef squid has a body length of about 18 cm, and the maximum size is about 24 cm.  The maximum number caught so far this year by one person was 6.

In addition, there were also fish such as Scomberomorus niphonius or Hairtail.

October 11th, 300 small horse mackerels


October 18th, 5 barracuda

October 19th, Suzuki(Sea bass) 79cm


October 19th: 6 Bigfin reef squid (body length 21 cm)


<Fishing boat>

■ Red sea bream 0.5-3.5 kg 1-3 animals / person
■ Warasa 2.5-5.2 kg 1-12 animals / person
■ Ara 7kg 1 animal / person (* Mr. Ota. Fishing results by slow jigging)

・ The boat is fishing for red sea bream in the morning.  From noon, they fish for red sea bream and yellowtail amberjack.  The size of red sea bream has become larger.  Yellowtail amberjack can also be caught, the maximum size this year has been 5.2 kg.  It will be good for yellowtail fishing from the latter half of November.
・ There were many departures for fishing boats in the mornings, and there has been horse mackerel fishing in the bay.

October 11th,  Saw-edged perch 7kg


October 18th, Red sea bream


October 21st, Yellowtail amberjack

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