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Backcountry Tour “Hikarigahara Kogen Cat tours” Photo Exhibition ⛷ Itakura-Ward, Joetsu City)



Enter the silver world of powder snow!

A photo exhibition introducing the backcountry tour “Hikarigahara Cat tours” is held every winter in the Hikarigahara Plateau in Itakura-Ward, Joetsu City, Niigata Prefecture.  This exhibition has begun at the “Eshin no Sato Memorial Hall” in Itakura-Ward.Still0918_00004

Hikarigahara Cat tours is the ultimate backcountry tour for advanced skiers and snowboarders who are not satisfied with just skiing on the ski slopes.  Sponsored by Masanori Takeuchi, a professional snowboarder from Joetsu City, about 200 people from Japan and overseas participated last season.  You climb the mountain in a snowmobile and then glide down through the unspoiled landscape with the support of a guide.  This is a tour where you can enjoy the ultimate powder snow.


At the venue, 39 works by four amateur photographers who accompanied the tour are on display.



Photo exhibitions are held every year in Eshin no Sato to let people know the charm of Itakura Ward.  Daisuke Shimotori of the Eshin no Sato Memorial Hall said, “In nature, promoting the natural terrain is a big attraction, unlike in ski resorts.  It is an opportunity to let people in the city, the local area, and Itakura get to know more about this attraction”.


The photo exhibition is open until October 15th.

Click here for the video of “Hikarigahara Cat tours” ↓ ↓

Eshin no Sato

■ Closed: Every Tuesday

Address: 27-4 Yonemasu, Itakuraku, Joetsu City, Niigata Prefecture 944-0135
Tel: 0255-81-4541
Access: About 25 minutes from Joetsu IC on the Hokuriku Expressway
URL: http://eshin.org/

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