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Sado Island’s Best View Photo Exhibition” at Furusat until July 21 (Sun.) (Joetsu City, Niigata Prefecture)



Gold Mine on Sado Island” is aiming to be registered as a World Cultural Heritage site. Amidst growing expectations for the registration, the “Sado Island Superb View Photo: Sado PR Photographer Yoshiyuki Ito Exhibition” is being held at Furusat at the west exit of Joetsu Myoko Station in Joetsu City, Niigata Prefecture, until Sunday, July 21, to promote a deeper understanding of Sado Island.


Sado PR Photographer Yoshiyuki Ito is the 6th generation owner of Gohan no Yado Itoya and owner of Restaurant & Bar Kosado in Sado City, Japan After winning the Grand Prix in the 2014 photography contest, he has been photographing the most beautiful spots on the island as a Sado PR photographer! He is also the owner of “Restaurant & Bar Kosado”.

The highlight of this exhibition is the oversized panel display (180 cm long x 90 cm wide) of the Kitazawa Floating Ore Dressing Plant at night, which is also shown on the flyer. The starry sky, the Milky Way, and the spectacular view of the remains of what was once the largest floating ore dressing plant in the East are said to have elicited admiration from those who have actually seen it.

Yoshiyuki Ito
I think there are many people in the Joetsu area who have visited Sado once or went there on a school excursion. Through the exhibition, I hope that people will notice something different from the Sado they have visited before and learn about the Sado of today. I also hope you will discover the differences and new discoveries between the Joetsu area and Sado, even within the same Niigata Prefecture, through these extraordinary works, which are like photographs from overseas.

Sado Island is registered as a World Heritage Site.
■Dates: July 21 (Sun.)
■Hours: 9:00-18:00
■Place: Furusat ups, a coworking space in Furusat, Joetsu Myoko Station West Exit (5-1-5 Yamato, Joetsu City)
■Query:TEL 025-520-8777(Furusat)
■SNS:X @kosado / Instagram @itouya / facebook Yoshiyuki Ito