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East side of Roadside Station Arai Cottages with sauna open! (Myoko City, Niigata Prefecture)



Good access! Convenient to go to the mountains or to the sea with the cottage as a base!


Targeting tourists who want to enjoy the outdoors, HOTEL SOBOKU, which offers a sauna and barbecue, will open on April 28 on the east side of Michi no Eki Arai in Myoko City, Niigata Prefecture.

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HOTEL SOBOKU is an accommodation facility with nine cottages. The main feature is the Finnish sauna in every room. Visitors can experience the “wax-laulu,” in which water is poured over heated stones to generate steam.

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For an extra fee, you can also enjoy a barbecue with food. The buildings are all one-story and each is 57 square meters in size. They can accommodate up to 5 people.

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It is operated by Ad Creek, an advertising agency in Itoigawa City. Based on the concept of “simple happiness,” the company expects to attract tourists who love the outdoors.


HOTEL SOBOKU Utagawa, General Manager
We would like to accommodate not only skiers but also sea bathers and climbers of Myoko’s rich natural environment.

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Room rates start at 30,800 yen per night for two people with no meals. Breakfast is included free of charge if requested.

■Opening on April 28, 2024
■One night stay with no meal, from 30,800 yen for two persons
*Please visit the hotel’s website for more information.


Address: 1555-1-1, Myoko-city, Niigata 944-0073 Japan
Tel: 0255-77-4556
Access: <Car> Just off the Arai Smart IC on the Joshinetsu Expressway.
URL: https://hotel-soboku.com/

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