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220 stalls lined up! Takada Joshi Park Cherry Blossom Viewing Party Opens (Joetsu City, Niigata Prefecture)



The Takada Joshi Park Cherry Blossom Viewing Party, a major spring event in Joetsu City, Niigata Prefecture, opened on Friday, March 29. On March 29, visitors were already enjoying gourmet foods and other delicacies.

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This is a cherry blossom of a survey tree declaring its bloom in Takada Joshi Park.

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Although still in bud, the Takada Joshi Park Cherry Blossom Viewing Party started on the 29th. Families and others spread blue sheets on the plaza and enjoyed gourmet food from stalls.

Still0329_00004 (2)Visitors.
I was delighted to see the weather clear up before noon. The sakura buds are swelling, but I would have been happy if they had bloomed more.
I was glad that I could enjoy the delicious food even though the sakura were not in bloom. I will come back to see the beautiful sakura again.

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This year, the number of stalls is expected to more than triple that of last year, with some 220 stalls from all over the country expected to line up, bringing back the bustle in front of the Corona Disaster.


Eighteen stores, including five that are opening for the first time near the Gokurakubashi Bridge, are selling local delicacies. This is a new product: shark nuggets, a local delicacy, dipped in hoisin sauce.


It was developed by Mari Ibe, a cookery researcher in Joetsu City. The sharks were caught in Kesennuma City, Miyagi Prefecture, and the hozukis are grown in Myoko City. When eaten raw, hozukis have a sweet and sour taste, but boiling them brings out their strong sweetness.Still0329_00007

Culinary expert Mari Ibe
If only I could get people to eat how well shark and hozuki go together.”


In addition, the Naoetsu Hamachaya Association, which will be making its first appearance, will be selling its specialty, horumonyaki (grilled hormone) and local yakisoba (fried noodles). The Hamachaya Association was severely damaged by the Noto Peninsula Earthquake when the tsunami swept into the Naoetsu Beach, washing away materials used for the Hamachaya on the beach.


Naotetsu Hamachaya Association
There was damage from the tsunami. We have managed to recover. We will continue to promote the beaches and beach teahouses in good spirits this year.

According to the Japan Weather Association, the cherry blossoms in Takada Joshi Park are expected to bloom on Wednesday, April 3 next month, three days earlier than normal, and will be in full bloom on Sunday, April 7.

Joetsu Tourism & Convention Association, Mr. Fukushima
I think we will be able to see a typical Takata hanami scene, with seats spread out on the lawn for people to eat and have a party. There will be illuminated sakura and a variety of food and drink. I hope visitors will enjoy eating delicious food while admiring the cherry blossoms.

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The cherry blossom viewing party will be held until Sunday, April 14.