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Takada Honcho Spring Festa “Anko” themed bread festival! Sunday, April 7 (Joetsu City, Niigata Prefecture)



The “Ankoppe” sandwich set, which sold out immediately last year, will also be available again!

In conjunction with the Takada Joshi Park Cherry Blossom Viewing Party in Joetsu City, Niigata Prefecture, the annual “Takada Honcho Spring Festa” will be held on Sunday, April 7 in the Honcho shopping district of Joetsu City.

The centerpiece event of the Takada Honcho Spring Festa is the Bread Festival, which attracts a large crowd every year.

A record 17 stores from Joetsu City and Myoko City, as well as Kashiwazaki City, Nagaoka City, and Suzaka City in Nagano Prefecture will participate.
Four of these stores are opening for the first time: HOBARU Joetsu Store (Kitamoto-cho, Joetsu City), Biwajima Bakery (Kashiwazaki City), Takada Commercial High School RIKKA (Joetsu City), and anello (Honmachi, Joetsu City).

Last year’s bread festival

This year’s theme is “Anko” and each store will prepare and sell at least one type of bread using anko (red bean paste), which is their specialty.
The Towa-kai Takada Branch, a research group of Japanese confectionery artisans, is once again offering a popular product that sold out immediately last year.
“Ankoppe,” a set of six Japanese confectionery stores’ anko (sweet bean paste) sandwiched between miniature coppie buns, will be available for purchase.

In addition, a special sales corner under the arcade in the Honcho shopping arcade will be lined with a wide variety of breads that each store boasts of.

Last year’s bread festival

Participating stores will be open only in the morning, afternoon, or all day, with hours differing depending on the store. Bread will be sold out as soon as it is sold out.

In addition, the “Nagatsukue Marche” will be held in front of each participating store in the Honcho 3, 4, and 5-chome shopping streets.
The 19 participating stores will sell daily necessities, seasonal products, and other special items at their storefronts.

The popular annual “Doggy Stamp Rally” will also be held on the same day, which you can enjoy while taking a walk with your dog.
Visitors who register at Asutopia Takada 1st floor during the event hours and visit all the stamp points in Takada Honmachi Shopping Arcade will receive strolling goods (manner bags, etc.).
There will also be a photo spot where you can take pictures with your dog.

During the Takada Joshi Park Cherry Blossom Viewing Party, restaurants in the Honcho Shopping Arcade sell “take-out hanami bento” (cherry blossom viewing lunchboxes).
Don’t miss out on this special menu, which is available only during this season.
For more information, please see the flyer or the HonchoWeb website.

Takada Honcho Spring Festa
■Date: Sunday, April 7
■Venue: Honcho 3, 4, 5-chome shopping street, Joetsu City, Niigata Prefecture

Takada Honcho Spring Bread Festival
■Hours: Morning session 11:00-13:00, Afternoon session 14:00-16:00, All day 11:00-16:00
*Off as soon as they are gone.
■Venue: Honcho 3, 4, 5-chome shopping street, special corner under the arcade
■Store openings:
[Claire, Morning Session]
petit atelier loma (Kida, Joetsu City)
Fujimoto Seika (higashishiro, Joetsu City)
Boulanger M (Nishihoncho, Joetsu City)
Delicious Bread Shop Sophie (Minamishiro, Joetsu City)
Wheat Senka Akatsuki (Minami-Takada, Joetsu City)
Takada Commercial High School RIKKA (Joetsu City)
anello (Honcho, Joetsu City)

[Claire,Afternoon session]
Towa-kai Takada Branch (Osugiya Sobei, Okamura Bakery, Sasagawa Confectionery, Takeuchi Taishodo, Dohi Confectionery, Fujimoto seika Beniya)

[All day long]
HOBARU Joetsu Store (Kita-Honcho, Joetsu City)
pain pour (Myoko City)
Forndor (Honcho, Joetsu City)
Kei (Suzaka City, Nagano Prefecture)
Wheat Slave Joetsu Takada (Honcho, Joetsu City)
Sweets Kobo Kumi (Myoko City)
Bagel and Croissant Shop Biwajima Bakery (Kashiwazaki City)
Haruepan Nagaoka Store (Nagaoka City)
natural bakery Shimashima-Joetsu (Shioyashinden, Joetsu City)

Nagatsukue Marche
■Hours: Vary according to each store
■ Venue:Honcho 3, 4, and 5-chome shopping streets, in front of each participating store

Takada Honcho Shopping Street Dog Stamp Rally
■Date and time: 11:00-14:00
■Reception venue: Asutopia Takata 1F
■Admission: Free
■Eligibility: Dressed-up dogs and their owners
■Description: Enjoy walking with your dog and visit stamp points in the shopping arcade to receive walking goods (manner bags, etc.).

■Inquiry:TEL025-524-4761(Honcho 5-chome Shopping Street Promotion Association)
■ Home Page:https://honcho.jp/

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