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    “small trip” for Joetsu citizens!

“small trip” for Joetsu citizens!



You will be able to make new discoveries in your own town!

As it has become difficult to travel due to COVID-19, the Joetsu Tourism Convention Association has organized “small trips” that you can enjoy in Joetsu City to rediscover the charm of the local area.  The themes are Kasugayama Castle Ruins and “Lotus Blossom Viewing,” which is currently held in Takada Castle Site Park.



☆ Lotus Viewing

The “Kanrenkai,” or Lotus Viewing Event, is held at Takada Castle Site Park.  A nature guide will take us around the moat of Takada Castle, while observing the lotus flowers which are said to be the best in the Orient.  Please take the opportunity to view the blooming lotus flowers at the peak of the season.

■Date: Saturday, August 1st
■Time: 9:00-10:30 *Meeting is 8:55
■Meeting place: At the east side of Nishibori(west moat) Bridge
■Fee: Free
■ Capacity: None *No prior application required
■ Inquiry: Eco Green Representative: Mr. Suzuki 090-3314-6749

☆Feudal Warlord Reenactment Performance

Uesugi’s samurai army has been revived for the modern day!  These “warlords” from a bygone era will give a powerful performance at Kasugayama Shrine near the Kasugayama Castle Ruins.

■Date: Third Saturday of August-November
■Time: 11:30~12:00
■Place: Kasugayama Shrine
■Fee: Free
■ Capacity: None *No prior application required
■ Inquiries: Joetsu Tourism Convention Association 025-543-2777

☆ “Summer lotus observation” and “Eat lotus morning porridge”~morning walk and healthy breakfast tour~蓮粥

Enjoy the benefits of being an early riser!  After observing the lotus in Takada Castle Site Park, this is a tour where you can enjoy a “Lotus Morning Porridge” breakfast at the Takada Terminal Hotel in front of Takada Station.  Lotus porridge is a limited-edition specialty that the hotel offers only in July and August.

■ Date: Saturday, August 8th
■Time: 7:30-9:30 *Meeting is 7:25
■Meeting place: Takada Castle Ruins Park Oren Plaza In front of the front entrance (8-1, Honjocho, Joetsu City)
■Fee: 1,300 yen per person
■Capacity: First 10 people *Apply to the Joetsu Tourist Convention Association by 17:00 on Thursday, August 6th
■ Inquiries: Joetsu Tourism Convention Association 025-543-2777

Both are for Joetsu citizens. Hiroyuki Minami, Secretary General of the Joetsu Convention & Visitors Bureau says, “If we can’t take long trips for a while, this can be an opportunity to revisit the attractive tourist attractions of Joetsu.” The Joetsu Tourism Convention Association plans to continue planning various “small trips” in the future.