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The Sasagamine Plateau is at its best.



Every year around this time, Snow Country Journey provides information on the autumn foliage in Myoko City, Joetsu City, and Tokamachi area in Niigata Prefecture, and in 2023, we will continue to provide the latest information on the autumn foliage. The information and photos on this page are based on actual visits by our editorial staff. Please use it as a reference for your autumn excursions.
The next update is scheduled for Thursday, October 26.

Around Sasagamine Plateau (Myoko City, Niigata Prefecture)

Elevation: 1300 meters above sea level. On the 19th, I photographed the area around Sennin Pond, Sasagamine Dam, and Sasagamine Green House. The leaves have started to change color little by little since last week, but the progress of the leaves is only about 6 to 7 minutes. Since the leaves were well advanced this time last year, the progress of the leaves this year seems to be a little delayed.

The trees on Sasagamine have only just begun to change color, but the surrounding mountains are already bright red and yellow. The mountain road from Suginosawa at the foot of the mountain to Sasagamine Kogen is a series of curves with poor visibility. This year, there are more tourists and microbuses on the road than in the past few years. Please drive safely and drive at a moderate speed. Also, large construction vehicles may pass by. Please be careful.

Sennin Pond

Sasagamine Dam

Around Sasagamine Green House

Around Sasagamine Green House

Sasagamine Plateau, Otomi Lake


Nana Falls (Myoko City, Niigata Prefecture)

Naenadaki Waterfall spans the Sekigawa River that flows through Suginosawa, Myoko City, on the border between Niigata and Nagano Prefectures. Except in winter, this scenic spot is crowded with many tourists. Last week, most of the leaves were still green, but in the past week, the leaves have turned a little more red. However, the coloring is only partial, so the best time to see the leaves is still some time away. Last year, the best time to see the leaves was around October 20. The path to the waterfall is slippery due to poor footing caused by the rain. Please be careful.


Myoko Suginohara Ski Resort Gondola (Suginosawa, Myoko City, Niigata Prefecture)

The gondolas are now open at Myoko Suginohara Ski Resort in Suginosawa. While the leaves at the foot of the mountain are just beginning to change color, those at the top of the mountain, which is 1,500 meters above sea level, are currently at their peak. According to the staff at the gondola station, the foothills will be at their best next week as the weather is expected to cool down at the end of this week. The Suginohara Gondola will be open until Sunday, November 5. Hours are from 9:00 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. (last downhill at 4:00 p.m.). The round-trip ticket is 2,200 yen for adults and 1,200 yen for children.

Myoko Suginohara Ski Resort Gondola

エラとジミのまちあるき 妙高紅葉編
まちあるき 妙高・温泉編
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