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Kubiki Bicycle Path “Rinrin Stamp Rally Autumn 2023” from September 2!



A stamp rally to tour the 32-kilometer-long Kubiki Bicycle Path, which straddles Joetsu City and Itoigawa City in Niigata Prefecture, will begin on September 2 (Saturday).


The stamp rally is a campaign conducted by the Kubiki Bicycle Path Attractiveness Up Executive Committee with the aim of increasing the number of people interacting with the Kubiki Bicycle Path by promoting its use.The campaign is held every spring and fall, and this year marks its sixth year. During the campaign period, stamping sites will be set up at five locations along the route, and the first to collect three stamps will receive an original Kubiki Bike Path sticker as a gift.



Original stickers available in two types, 300 each

If you collect all five stamps and the five letters written on the illustration panel of Rin Kubiki that is hidden in the bike path area, you will be entered into a drawing to win either an original bike jersey, a 2,000 yen shopping coupon for the Roadside Station Marine Dome Nosei, or a 2,000 yen lunchtime dining coupon for Umiterasu Nadachi. or a 2,000 yen lunchtime meal coupon at Umiterasu Nadachi. In addition, a certificate of completion will be given away in exchange for entry into the lottery.

Stamp rally cards can be downloaded and distributed at the stamp rally sites. Sticker exchange and lottery entries are available at the Roadside Station Marine Dome Nosei, Roadside Station Umiterasu Nadachi, and Itoigawa Station Alps Exit Tourist Information Center.


The cycle station is marked by this sign

The stamp rally sites serve as “cycle stations” where cyclists can rest, use cycle racks and toilets, and borrow air fills and repair tools. Why not try cycling along the Kubiki Bike Path at this time of year when the summer heat begins to ease off?

Let’s ride on the Kubiki Bicycle Path – Rinrin Stamp Rally Autumn 2023
■Period: September 2 (Sat) – November 12 (Sun)
■Stamp rally venues: Lawson Itoigawa Nakasyuku store, Seven-Eleven Itoigawa Nose Onibushi store, Seven-Eleven Roadside Station Marine Dream Nose store, Seven-Eleven Joetsu Nadachi store, Roadside Station Umiterasu Nadachi Hotel Kourin
■Sticker exchange and lottery entry: Roadside Station Marindome Nou, Roadside Station Umiterasu Nadachi, Itoigawa Station Alps Exit Tourist Information Center *Registration is from 9:00 to 17:00 during the period.
■Inquiries: TEL025-526-9326 Kubiki Bicycle Path Attractiveness Improvement Executive Committee (Planning and Promotion Department, Joetsu Regional Promotion Bureau)