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  3. [LIVE] Lotus flowers at Takada Castle Site Park real-time!
    Check the flowering status with a live camera!

[LIVE] Lotus flowers at Takada Castle Site Park real-time!
Check the flowering status with a live camera!



Joetsu City, Niigata Prefecture, “Takada Castle Site Park Kanrenkai” will start on Saturday, July 18th!   A live video of “The best lotus in the Orient”!


 [Live] Takada Castle Site Park Minamibori(South moat)

*At night, it shows the view of the city seen from Takada Castle Site Park.


 The best Lotus in Orient
 The 41st “Takada Castle Site Park Kanrenkai”

Date: July 18th (Sat) to August 23rd (Sun) , 2020.
Venue: Takada Castle Site Park, Joetsu City, Niigata Prefecture.
Inquiries: Takada Castle Site Park Kanrenkai Executive Committee Secretariat Phone: 025-543-2777 (only during the session)
Click here for event details during the period ⇒ https://www.joetsu-kanko.net/special/kanrenkai/


 Takada Castle Site Park “Lotus” History

In 1871, Takada was suffering from financial difficulties caused by the Boshin War, the end of feudalism and the introduction of the prefectural system.
At that time, the local land owner, Hosaka, who lived in Tonome Village(now Tonome, Joetsu City), invested a lot of money and planted lotus roots in the moat to support the economy.
Later, when Dr. Ohga, the leading lotus researcher, visited this area in 1953, he stated that “It is internationally very rare to see a lotus pond on such a large scale.  The mix of red and white flowers is particularly unusual.”   This is the reason why it is being handed down to the citizens as the best in the Orient.


 Live camera (still image) of Takada Castle Site Park

Near Gokuraku Bridge

Near the fountain square


 Past footage

Taken in August 2019

August 2018


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