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Direct Instruction by Olympians! Sports Experience Caravan to be held on Sunday, March 18 (Joetsu City, Niigata Prefecture)



The “Sports Experience Caravan,” an event where visitors can experience a variety of sports from running and athletic games to unique sports, will be held at the Joetsu Sogo Gymnasium in Niigata Prefecture on Sunday, March 18. The guest speaker will be Satomi Kubokura, a three-time Olympian in track and field, who will give direct instruction.


This event is part of the “Niigata Children’s Sports Support Project” launched this year by the Niigata Sports Association to create a sports environment for children.


Satomi Kubokura, Head Coach of Niigata Albirex RC (three consecutive Olympic Games)

Satomi Kubokura, who has competed in three Olympic Games in the 400m hurdles and is currently the head coach of Niigata Albirex RC, will be a special guest at the Joetsu venue. This is a rare opportunity to receive advice directly from a top athlete who has competed on the world stage.

In addition, there will be sports chambara, para-sports experience, physical fitness checks, and a raffle drawing. The event is especially recommended for families with children from infants to elementary school age, people who love exercise, people who are planning to learn sports, and people who want to learn sports but do not know what to learn.

Running Challenge 25

Japan’s first mobile track (mobile track) appears in the gymnasium. Participants will try to measure their 25m running time on a real track made of the same material as the Big Swan. The timer stops when the runner crosses the finish line, and the timer is set to stop after the run. The number of times is unlimited. At the end, all challengers will receive a record certificate with their best time.

Taught by industrial track & field athletes! Running Class
Everyone, young and old, male and female, can enjoy “kaketsukko,” which is the basis of all physical activities. Sekino Kosan’s track and field team, which has participated in the New Year Ekiden five times, will give direct instruction on how to run.

①Wheelchair slalom
Participants will run an obstacle course in a competitive wheelchair. Tokyo Paralympics men’s marathon bronze medalist Tsutomu Nagata will be on hand to cheer the runners on.

Regardless of age or disability, everyone can enjoy boccia together. It can be enjoyed by the whole family.

Sports chanbara
Participants will experience competition using the masks and swords actually used in sports chambara. After a brief explanation of the rules and learning how to strike and defend, participants can try their hand at a match.


Experience Gakkendo using actual competition equipment. This is a rare opportunity to experience Jukendo, a sport that is usually hard to watch.

Health Promotion for Parents and Children
Specialist staff from the Niigata Prefectural Center for Health Promotion and Sports Medicine and Science will provide (1) dietary and health counseling for growing children, (2) physical fitness checks, and (3) parent-child stretching and agility.

Garapo lottery
Each time you participate in an experience, you will receive a Gara-pon lottery ticket. Each raffle ticket you receive allows you to play one round of “Gara-pon” (lottery).


Participation is free of charge, but advance registration is required; you can apply by scanning the QR code or through the “Niigata Children’s Sports Support Project” website.


Mr. Shibuya, Manager, Sports Promotion Division, Niigata Sports Association
There will be a variety of fun activities for parents and children to experience together. Olympians and Para bronze medalists will also participate. I would be happy if children who like exercise and children who don’t like exercise can feel “It’s fun to move my body! I would be happy if you could feel that “physical exercise is fun!

Sports Experience Caravan
Date: September 18 (Sun.)
Time: 10:00~15:00, free entrance and exit
Venue: Joetsu City General Gymnasium
Eligibility: Anyone
Participation fee: Free
Application:From the dedicated form
Deadline: Saturday, September 17
Inquiries: Contact
Website: https://note.com/niigatakidsport (Niigata Children’s Sports Support Project)

Joetsu Sogo Gymnasium