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【MOVIE】Enjoy trekking! Sasagamine Yumemidaira Promenade



Forest of giant trees A treasure trove of wild grass!

At 1,300m above sea level, the Yumemidara Promenade, which extends to the south of Sasagamine Plateau in Myoko City, has flowers and flowers that are unique to this season, adding color to the plateau of fresh greenery.

Still0522_00003The Yumemidaira promenade is a 9.6 km long trekking course surrounded by nature. There are two courses that take about 4 hours for one lap and about 2 hours for half a lap.On the way, you can see big trees such as beech and Japanese oak, as well as huge trees of wigs with a trunk circumference of more than 10 m, and wild grasses are in full bloom.

This promenade was constructed using the track marks of minecarts that were originally used for the transportation of lumber at lumber mills, and has the characteristic that there is no difference in elevation and it is easy to walk. Recommended for beginners.





The snow melted quickly this year, and on May 22, when we interviewed, many flowers such as Japanese cabbage, Ryukinka, katakuri, Koshinokanaoi, and Ichirinso were blooming.


You can also see salamander egg masses in the pond.

Currently, in Myoko City, when visiting the promenade, we call for a certain distance to walk as a countermeasure against infectious diseases.

Sasagamine Yumemidaira (Otomi Lake Rest House)

The season is from thaw to early fall. Business hours of the rest area are from 8:30 to 17:00 (opening from May to October)

Address: 949-2113 Myoko City, Niigata Prefecture
Tel: 0255-86-6716
Access: 45 minutes from Joshinetsu Expressway Myoko Kogen IC
URL: https://www.myoko.tv/spots/35

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