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The Birth of the “Myoko Renzan” Brand Ski Board! (Myoko City, Niigata Prefecture)



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On the 12th and 13th, a test-ride event was held at Cupid’s Valley in Joetsu City’s Azuka Ward, where a local company launched a brand of ski boards called “Myoko Renzan,” designed after the three mountains of Myoko, Hiuchi and Okenashi in Niigata Prefecture.Still0213_00001 (1)

This is the basic model of the “Myoko Renzan” brand. The blue “Myoko Souten” is 160 cm long, and the light pink “Myoko Ouka” is 150 cm long. Both have the three mountains of Myoko, Hiuchi, and Ogenashi on the tail.

The “Myoko Mountain Range” was designed by Asap, a disaster prevention and surveying company in Myoko City, and commissioned to Blue Morris, a ski manufacturer in Aomori Prefecture.


Mr. Ogawa, President of ASAP, said, “I myself enjoy skiing. I wanted to create skis that are unique to Myoko and that can be enjoyed at the Myoko ski resort that I love. There are many manufacturers that make skis for top skiers, but there are not many skis that can be easily enjoyed by skiers who come back to their hometown after a short break, so we decided to make these skis.


上が「Myoko-Potion」 下が「Myoko-Passion」

The Myoko Soten and Myoko Ouka are priced at 31,900 yen including tax. The Myoko Souten and Myoko Sakurabana are low priced, yet lightweight and easy to use boards. The Myoko-Potion (140,800 yen including tax) and the Myoko-Passion (124,300 yen including tax) are made to order for intermediate to advanced skiers.



The Myoko-Snow Hike (62,700 yen including tax) comes in five types, including the Myoko-Snow Hike with bindings that can be worn with boots or boots like snowshoes.

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At Cupid Valley, a ski resort in Joetsu City’s Yasuzuka Ward, a free test-ride of the Myoko Mountain Range was held for the first time in conjunction with the Blue Morris test-ride, allowing enthusiasts to experience the slopes.

A man from Joetsu City said, “It was very easy to ski, no matter whether I did a big turn or a small turn. It has a bounce to it and is very fun. The design is austere and nice. As a local skier, I’m proud of this board because it has the Myoko mountain range on it. I’m very interested in it.


Asap will continue to hold test-ride events on an irregular basis to convey the appeal of the Myoko Renzan brand.

Mr. Ogawa said, “There used to be a time when furniture makers and woodworkers made skis as a sideline in the snow country, but this is no longer the case. I want to preserve the history of skiing that is unique to Niigata and to Joetsu Myoko.    

Those who wish to purchase Myoko Renzan skis can order them from the Asap website in Nakagawa, Myoko City, and for those who want to see the actual skis in their hands, they are also available at Kojima Sports in Naka-machi 2, Joetsu City.