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“Yozakura Box,” 9 kinds of sweets packed with the charm of Joetsu!



The “Yozakura Box,” a box containing nine kinds of sweets that express the charm of Joetsu in Niigata Prefecture, has been completed, and its unveiling and sales event will be held at Machiya Exchange Center Takada Komachi on February 11 (Fri., holiday) and 12 (Sat.).


Yozakura Box (3 tier set) 4,000 yen (tax included)

This is the completed Yozakura Box. Each tier has its own theme, such as “cherry blossoms,” “scenery of Joetsu,” or “fermentation,” and eight sweets stores in Joetsu City and Myoko City, Niigata Prefecture, and one sweets store in Niigata City, Niigata Prefecture, each produced sweets according to the theme.

Participating stores
Sakura: Takahashi Magozaemon Shoten, Patisserie O Lalanti, Sasagawa Confectionery
Landscape: Sweets Factory inaflat, Aikawa Confectionery, Cafe & Bakery Patrache
Fermentation: Sonnare, Patisserie Ri Ri, Bake A (Niigata City)

All of the sweets produced by each store are unique and have a cute appearance that makes you want to keep them on display.


The Yozakura Box was created by the Yozakura Executive Committee to promote the good and delicious food of the Joetsu-Myoko region and the wonderful people who make it. It was developed in collaboration with various stores.

The executive committee is a group that plans events and develops products as a way to propose new ways to enjoy the region, targeting young women. They started their activities in April last year, and so far they have held events in Joetsu City to enjoy the night cherry blossoms, fermentation, and smoking.

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Ms. Hitomi Inagaki, Representative of the Executive Committee
The Yozakura Box is a cute sweet that represents Joetsu, and is filled with the thoughts and feelings of Yozakura and its nine stores in the prefecture. We hope you enjoy the Yozakura Box while thinking about the good things about Joetsu, the delicious food, the wonderful people…”

The products will be handed over at the “Yozakura Afternoon Tea” event to be held at the Machiya Exchange Center Takada Komachi on February 11 (Fri., holiday) and 12 (Sat.). Advance registration is available until February 10 (Thu). The products will also be sold in limited quantities on the day of the event.

Yozakura Box sales site⇒ https://yozakura-joetsu.stores.jp/


In addition to the delivery of products, the unveiling event will feature a sweets marche with sweets from Japanese and Western confectionary stores.

You can enjoy a cherry blossom-flavored chocolat show by Patisserie O Lalanti, a sweets and sake pairing experience by the used book and sake store Swimmy, and coffee by the popular Nagaoka cafe Soba & Cafe Fuki Kinuke. In addition, there will be events to enjoy the items and space, such as sales of products by Yoshida Batten Lace and Niigatasuvenia Club, candles by Hitsuji Candle, and an on-site photo session by Oguma Photo Studio.

Admission to the event is free, but there is a dress code to wear pink clothing and accessories. For more information about the event, please check the website.

Yozakura Afternoon Tea
Date: Friday, February 11 and Saturday, February 12, 13:00 – 18:00
Venue: Machiya Exchange Center Takada-Komachi (6-3-4 Honmachi, Joetsu City)
Website: https://yozakura-joetsu.com/afternoon-tea/