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    (Sado City, Niigata Prefecture)

Sado Kisen “Sado 3-9(Thank you) Stay Ticket” is now on sale!
(Sado City, Niigata Prefecture)



Round-trip Jetfoil discount & 1,000 yen coupon included!

If you stay in Sado Island for 3 to 9 nights, you will get a discount on the Jetfoil operated by Sado Kisen.  You will get a discount coupon for 1,000 yen that can be used on Sado Island.


This ticket can be used by those who use a round-trip Jetfoil and stay in Sado for 3 to 9 nights.

Fees vary depending on the period of use.  Departures until September 30th (Thursday) are 7,740 yen for adults and 4,370 yen for children.  Departures from October 1st (Friday) to December 31st (Friday) are 8,160 yen for adults and 4,590 yen for children.  Each ticket is 4,400 yen cheaper for adults and 1,710 yen cheaper for children compared to the regular round-trip fare.

To apply, please call the Sado Kisen Reservation Center TEL025-245-6122 by the day before departure.

■ For round trips between Naoetsu Port ⇔ Ogi Port and Niigata Port ⇔ Ryotsu Port

<Offer period>
■ July 1st (Thursday) -December 31st (Friday), 2021 * Based on outbound boarding date
* The Naoetsu route is only until return trip on October 31st (Sun).

■ July 1st (Thursday) -September 30th (Thursday) Departure: Adults 7,740 yen / Children 4,370 yen
■ From October 1st (Friday) to December 31st (Friday) Departure: Adults 8,160 yen / Children 4,590 yen
* If the outbound trip is in September and the return trip is in October, it will be 7,950 yen for adults and 4,480 yen for children.

<Terms and conditions>
■ If the jetfoil departing from Niigata / Naoetsu / (outbound flight) is canceled, the discount for “Sado 3-9 Stay Ticket” will not be applied.
■ If the customer chooses to stay 2 nights (3 days) or less, or 10 nights (11 days) or more, on Sado Island after departure, the Jetfoil ticket from Ryotsu and Ogi (outbound journey) will be invalid, and no refund will be given.  You will have to purchase a boarding ticket again.
■ If the Jetfoil departing from Ryotsu (return trip) is canceled, the same discount will be applied to the Jetfoil departing from Ogi, or a second-class car ferry ticket from Ryotsu will be issued at a discounted fare, and the difference in fare will be refunded.
■ After arriving in Sado, if there is a risk of cancellation due to stormy weather, we will change the flight to Jetfoil or change the boarding to a second-class car ferry. from Ryotsu at the ticket counter.  Due to this change, even if the period of stay in Sado is 2 nights (3 days) or less, or 10 nights (11 days) or more, it will be subject to the change.
■ The “Sado 3-9 Stay Ticket” utilizes the National Remote Island Community Promotion Grant and the Sado City Tourism Promotion Grant.  If the budget amount is reached, sales will end even within the usage period.  When the budget is reached, it will be announced on the Sado Kisen website.

Sado Kisen will ask everyone who is planning to visit the island to observe [new lifestyle] and [new travel etiquette], such as checking your health daily for the two week period prior to travel, to prevent infection and spread of COVID-19.

<Inquiries / Applications>
Sado Kisen Co., Ltd. Reservation Center: TEL025-245-6122 (8: 30-18: 00)

In addition, JCV’s lifestyle information program “Smile one” is scheduled to broadcast a special feature on Sado in September.  It is going to introduce plenty of attractions such as experiences unique to Sado, seafood, and sweets. Please look forward to this as well.