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    “Kakizaki Shokudo” until August 31st

Come to eat together!
“Kakizaki Shokudo” until August 31st



Not only set meals but also seafood and sweets!  Eat up Kakizaki!

The “Kakizaki Jidai Summer Festival” is held every August in Kakizaki Ward, Joetsu City, Niigata Prefecture.  For this year, the style is different from the usual year due to COVID-19.  The festival is called the “Kakizaki Jidai Summer Festival Month”.  Various events will be held in different parts of Kakizaki ward throughout August.

During this period, there is an event where you can draw lots by ordering a limited menu at restaurants in Kakizaki Ward. Just look for the banner that says “Kakizaki Shokudo” at participating restaurants/stores.


16 restaurants and confectionery stores are participating in the “Kakizaki Shokudo”.  If you order the limited menu offered at each store, you can do the lottery by drawing lots. If you win, you will get a meal voucher for 500 yen that can be used at participating stores!  Please enjoy the gourmet tour of Kakizaki.

Kakizaki Shokudo
■ Period: Until Tuesday, August 31st
■ Location: 16 restaurants and confectionery stores in Kakizaki Ward
■ Inquiries: TEL 025-536-6707 (Kakizaki Jidai Summer Festival Executive Committee)